Memorial Pendant
Custom  · 22. September 2018
I created this lovely pendant a short while ago as a memorial piece. Together with a friend of the recipient I started the design process with sketches and resin colour sample making changes until the design looked just right. Together we were able to create a beautiful pieces that can be worn everyday in memory of their lost loved one.
Finished pieces · 02. November 2017
I am staring out the passenger window. I have checked the address we were given and noted that there was no directional advice from our starting point other than it would seem like we were heading to nowhere in the desert for twenty minutes until we came across a building and at that point we will have arrived. We are in search of a recommended restaurant that is off the beaten path and ten minutes into our quest we are still driving through streets lined with cream coloured adobe building of...
Custom  · 16. May 2017
Process for creating a large custom memorial ring.
Custom  · 12. May 2017
After a consult with details about ring size and width I made some sketches for the customer to choose a design from. After she decided on the design I got to work carving. I double checked my hand carved wax up next to my sketch, as you can see just above. Afterwards I casted the band and setting separately using old gold jewellery (additional pieces along with the old ring) melted along with new gold. When incorporating old jewellery to create a new piece there are a lot of factors to...
Custom  · 10. August 2016
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Custom wolf pin process, come take a look!
Custom  · 06. August 2016
I know that I am obsessed and love seeing parts of the process - my phone is filled with either process pics of jewellery and (full disclosure) my cat. Is there any part of the process you would like to get a window into? Let me know!
Custom  · 03. April 2016
Photo gallery of steps of making a reproduction of a set of earrings.
Works in progress · 27. February 2016
A couple of us here at Jewel Envy have doing a little bit of experimenting with adding a black finish to metal surfaces. Typically patinas such as liver of sulphur or commercially made products like Jax silver blackener can be used to dip the metal in to build up a gun metal/black colour. There is also black rhodium plating, which is applied with an electric current like other colours of gold plating. Patinas and plating are wonderful for pieces of jewellery that are worn on parts of the bod...
Custom  · 07. November 2015
Custom Wedding Bands and Cufflinks.
Finished pieces · 07. October 2015
I have been sitting with ideas and letting them percolate lately. A large part of my creative process doesn't always appear the most creative - to an outsider it's me sitting quietly staring out into space. This morning I sipped my coffee and got to thinking about this year's entry into Jewel Envy's themed competition Winter Wedding. Things are starting to form in my mind...

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