Below are a selection of repairs, alterations, and reproductions that I have completed. I love coming up with creative solutions for pieces that seem beyond repair. All pricing is confirmed in person, but I have provided a general price list of my most common repairs/alterations below.

Pricing for Repairs:

Ring resizing (up or down) starts at $50.00

Restringing starts at $25.00 

Tigertail starts at $25.00

Rhodium plating starts at $60.00

Gold plating starts at $50.00

Silver plating starts at $40.00

Drilling into stone/gem starts at $30.00

Chemical bonding starts at $10.00

Laser welding starts at $25.00

Reproduction - price depends on material and detail of design involved.

Please note that all pricing is confirmed when the piece has been assessed in person. Consultations are always free and there is no pressure to follow through. Contact to book a consultation