Memorial Pendant
Custom  · 22. September 2018
I created this lovely pendant a short while ago as a memorial piece. Together with a friend of the recipient I started the design process with sketches and resin colour sample making changes until the design looked just right. Together we were able to create a beautiful pieces that can be worn everyday in memory of their lost loved one.
Custom  · 16. May 2017
Process for creating a large custom memorial ring.
Custom  · 12. May 2017
After a consult with details about ring size and width I made some sketches for the customer to choose a design from. After she decided on the design I got to work carving. I double checked my hand carved wax up next to my sketch, as you can see just above. Afterwards I casted the band and setting separately using old gold jewellery (additional pieces along with the old ring) melted along with new gold. When incorporating old jewellery to create a new piece there are a lot of factors to...
Custom  · 10. August 2016
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... Custom wolf pin process, come take a look!
Custom  · 06. August 2016
I know that I am obsessed and love seeing parts of the process - my phone is filled with either process pics of jewellery and (full disclosure) my cat. Is there any part of the process you would like to get a window into? Let me know!
Custom  · 03. April 2016
Photo gallery of steps of making a reproduction of a set of earrings.
Custom  · 07. November 2015
Custom Wedding Bands and Cufflinks.
Custom  · 06. September 2015
Here it is! Between this set of photos and the last a lot happened... The most obvious being that I cast the piece in 14kt white gold. I had to file and perfect the fit of setting gallery onto the band. I also did a solder check on the old section to make sure it did not have solder anywhere - I didn't want any surprises when attaching it to the band. The great thing about diamonds is that they can withstand being heated by a torch. Once all that was out of the way I carefully held it in...
Custom  · 14. September 2014
Let me gush for a moment, I am honoured that I got to make this ring and ecstatic with the way it turned out! I am normally forgetful about taking pictures of pieces while I am creating them, but I was so giddy at every step of the way that I took quite a few process pictures for all to enjoy. My heartfelt congratulations go out to the newly engaged couple Laura and Josh! You were both such great collaborators, you made my job really easy.
Custom  · 06. September 2014
These are some oldies, but goodies. Last year the studio was tapped to create some prop pieces for the TV show Reign. Below you can see the process of creating pieces that are emblems for Mary, Queen of Scots personal bible. The design was sourced from films stills to recreate the elements of the prop. The emblems were later attached to a hand bound book by a bookbinder.

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