More Hand Painted Enamel

Today I was able to keep a better watch over my painted enamel pieces when they were in the kiln with UV googles that aren't as dark as mine.  So, each of them turned out wonderfully.  Each of these was done on a coloured layered instead of the a white background, like the ones in yesterday's post.  Now comes the tricky part - fabricating something to set these babies into.  I am unsure of what to make them into - pendant? ring? brooch? Help me decide! 

I have been going into each little guy without really thinking about what I want to paint beforehand.  I think if I end up painting more I will continue with my tattoo theme and throw in some medieval inspiration as well as looking back to some poetry that I love.  And lots more skulls of course.  Suggestions for ideas are welcome!


This is all eventually leading to some grander scale pieces that I have in mind.  I definitely wanted to get the knack of using my acrylic enamels before jumping in too deep & so far, so good.