Tim Burton Inspired

I honestly could not contain myself when they finally unveiled the creature behind the window to the TIFF Tim Burton exhibit a few weeks ago. It's one heap of Little Shop of Horrors with equal parts awesome. I get to walk by it daily and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. I jumped on the Burton bandwagon last Saturday and went to a double feature, watching Big Fish (one of my personal faves) and a movie that inspired Tim Burton - The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. It was a day of crying and laughing and particularly enjoying a film that I never would have seen otherwise.

I can't deny that I am a sucker for Tim Burton's aesthetic. Anything with a touch of darkness and has anything to do with "outsiders" has me hook, line and sinker. His work was forefront in my mind when I was playing around with some copper pieces and I suddenly realized I could be making awesomely inspired Tim Burton brooches. So, I present these as my homage.