Resin Class

 Yesterday evening was my last night teaching and today is my last day working in the studio until the new year so I thought I should touch base through the blog and update with a couple pictures of student work. 

  I just finished teaching the 8 week Resin class, the students ran a little wild and helping them along with their projects was exciting.  It was a prerequisite for the class that you had experience in fabrication and/or casting so that the students could work on creating pieces that would also use resin in the piece.   Check these out:

Padrin Kwok’s rings

Flora Lam’s necklace

Both of these pieces were created by making molds and pouring resin into them, they both seemed excited about all the possibilities that resin allows and I hope that they both continue to make pieces with their molds. It was a joy teaching this class because I have it set in my mind the ways in which I like to use it in my work.  However, when you have a student with new ideas and no experience with the materials their creative output is as equally enthralling for me as it is for them. 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season and I will continue writing in the new year!