High Gear

Lately I have been kicked in creative high gear. Sometimes this happens, but thankfully not so often because it can get exhausting. Fortunately the fruits of my labour have been plentiful. I have no idea why I am blogging like this. It could quite possibly be that i need coffee. Or maybe some more juice.

Anyways, these gems came about in the last couple weeks and I just finished adding the pinbacks (which I then photo edited out so that they look nicer in the pictures). The wise thing would have been to take the photo before adding pinbacks, but then again I would not have been able to hang them to get the chain to dangle without them... okay scrap that previous thought. All the motifs are inspired by wrought iron work and I have been super obsessed with the hydraulic press lately. I mean come on - turning a flat sheet of metal into a raised form, it's wicked. No hammering involved, you just crank a lever and pressure + rubber = awesome. These guys are made out of copper, which I used a patina on to darken 'em up, various pearls and gem beads, sterling silver ball chain, resin, and flocking.

Next post will be soon. and by soon i mean tomorrow. And more work to post. Very fun work. Okay, I am going to stop with the sentence fragments and get me some coffee.