It's Log!

Look everyone, check out our latest equipment addition – a log! That’s right I am using the blog to talk about a log.  In all seriousness though we would like to thank our neighbour at PLANT Architect for donating us such a fine specimen.  Now that all the bugs that made the log it’s home are dead and gone we will be using it as a hammering surface.  Logs are a great working surface for using dapping blocks (as pictured) or otherwise any tools that make a racket – because it will help to dampen out the noise we make while we are busy creating things.  This I am sure all our neighbours will appreciate.  It hasn’t yet found a permanent spot in the studio to call home but a few of us have already given it some loving taps with our tools.  If you didn’t notice my youtube link up at the top don’t ignore it, it’s worth the visit. – Alexis