Resin Necklace 2.0

Recently I had almost finished fabricating this necklace. Then a studio mate (who shall remain anonymous) pointed out a better way to construct it. I think it was revenge for all the times I have told her that she should remake some of her work.

Since I had to back-peddle a step and remove resin from Version 1.0 of the necklace I left the piece to soak overnight in acetone. Then after cleaning it up a bit I wanted to let it soak for a few minutes longer in some clean acetone. The only problem was that I didn't have an extra glass container handy. I know not to put pure acetone in a plastic container, but I thought since I was only going to leave it for a few minutes things would be fine. I was wrong. Thank goodness I at least had the sense to place a metal lid beneath the container so that the acetone didn't leak all over my workbench. Once this beauty is complete I am planning on getting professional photographs of it. That's right. I have finally relinquished my do-it-myself attitude and I am going to let someone else do work for me.