Bouncing around

Lately I have been bouncing around projects. In anticipation of my fourth year participating in the Queen West Art Crawl and my studio group show I have been working on several pieces at once. The shield piece in my last post is one of five pieces that I plan on making for the show and I have been giddy over some new resin pieces that I have been experimenting with. Lately I have been attempting to take some process shots of my work. However since I am more on top of actually creating the pieces I don't always check the pictures I've taken before moving in between steps. I have ended up with blurry unusable shots that I can't retake (Oops). I have been having fun adding coloured ball chain and tiny pearl loops off the sides of my new resin pieces (that are similar to the piece in my heading). you can take a look at a couple process shots of a few rings that I have made. After I pour the resin I always place my little sign over the top to make sure that no dust or debris gets into the resin and more importantly that no one touches my work while it is still drying. I have to admit though (and everyone in my shared studio already knows this) I use the sign because I would be the first person to touch anything anyone else leaves out. And it's always good for a laugh.
I will be updating with more resin pieces, they have been a lot of fun to make!