Works in Progress



Alexis here, back from a 10 day vacation.  I have to say though, I was antsy to get back to work to try and figure out a piece that I am working on.  I was so excited about it that I kind of jumped the gun on my design process.  I did a few sketches that are mostly vague ideas.  Then instead of making a prototype I went ahead and made Mokume Gane to use in the design instead of doing things logically.


(Yay, sketches!)


I don’t always make prototypes, but when I am preparing to make a complicated piece of jewellery and I am not completely sure about how the construction of the piece is going to work it is always a wise decision to make a model.  That way I can troubleshoot without wasting materials.


However, here is what my thought process was as I came up with my idea:  I am going to create a piece that looks like scale armour, Oh! I should use different colour metals to create contrast OH! I should make Mokume it goes so well with the theme of my piece, OOH! I’m going to make Mokume NOW!


That is what happens when I get ahead of myself.  Now that I have accomplished making Mokume (a feat in itself). I then cut a pile of scale pieces and now I have to go back and build a prototype to figure how to make something out of them.


Stayed tuned folks, I will eventually figure things out and something will get made.  Hopefully.