Does every blog entry need a title?



 I’ve had just over a week to recover from our Anniversary Party, it was a blast!  Thank you so much to everyone who showed up for a drink, snack and chat with all the goldsmiths of Jewel Envy.  It was exciting having all the goldsmiths together at one time since we recently became a full studio! It was especially exciting for me because I have been here since the studio opened and so much has changed as the studio has grown as I too have grown as a goldsmith, it’s enough to get me all teary-eyed.


Well, things are winding down for me (except for the fact that I will be one of those last minute holiday shoppers in the next week).  Yesterday was my last class teaching Intro to Casting and today is my last day working in the studio before I head home to spend the holidays with my family.  I am really proud of everyone that participated in my Intro to Casting class.  All of them had no previous wax carving experience and they all took on challenging pieces to create.  I leave you with a montage of their projects, from top to bottom my students Ronald, Zein, Khatereh, Carly, and Bahar.  And as soon as Padrin takes a photo of his casted jewellery I will post those as well.  I hope you all had as much fun taking the class as I did teaching it!


Soon to come also are photos from our party, Padrin was our photographer for the event and I’m sure he snapped a lot of great shots!


Well, I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season and I’ll be back blogging again soon!