Alexis here! Excited about a lot of things!!



Alexis here to make a post to the newly created blog on our website.  I’ve gotta say I’m super excited about blogging on a group site because everyone checking into the blog gets to read blurbs by all the different jewellers that are working here at Jewel Envy – different points of view all centered around creativity, woohoo! (no really – I think this is going to be super awesome…)  It’s also got me giddy about all the possibilities of taking and posting process shots of my work as well as classes and happenings in the studio.  Note to self: I need to bring my camera battery charger to the studio.


Another thing I am super excited about is teaching classes here at Jewel Envy.  I just finished off an eight week class last week and jumped into teaching another eight week class that just started tonight.  I get to teach one of my favourite ways of making jewellery – Casting!  The group of students that started out tonight are all doing complex carved rings… in a few weeks time I will have to post the finished student pieces for you all to see.  


I want to give a shout out… wait a minute, do you call it that on a blog? that doesn’t make as much sense so I’m gonna change that to a write out to Padrin Kwok.  He is participating in his fourth class at Jewel Envy, his second class with me.  He is an eager and talented guy working on his jewellery pieces even while not in the studio – yeah, that eager! It’s really great having someone who is so motivated and inspired to learn because it bolsters my creativity in turn as well. The picture is one of the rings he made in class (he also took the photo which is equally as incredible!)  He carved the ring in wax, then cast it himself in sterling silver and added coloured resin to the dots on top of the ring.  Great work Padrin!  I’m looking forward to seeing what else you create in the classes to come.


Alrighty, I’m going to sign out and look forward to posting again soon.